DAY ONE     December 27, 2013

 Psalm 100         Thanksgiving

Lift up your hands to heaven and magnify Jesus, the Son of the living God for His faithfulness in our midst in Rulers Assembly from the beginning of year 2013.

Give thanks to the Almighty God. Appreciate his goodness in your life and Family

Ask God for forgiveness of sins and ask for His mercy over your life.

Father, don’t let anything of Thanksgiving seize in our midst and family in year 2014.

Let every day of our life in Rulers Assembly be full of Thanksgiving.

Whatever that will make me not to rejoice, don’t let it come in my way in Jesus Name.

Father, beautify my life with your Beauty.

Psm. 91:   Protection

Prayer: Father, magnify your name in my life and family.

Father, let me and my family continually abides under your shadow.

Father, whatever we have lost from the beginning of this year let us recover all in Jesus name.

Father, keep us under your protection all the days of our life in Jesus name

Give me a new heart, the heart to serve you, the heart to worship you, to praise you, to follow you until the end, in Jesus Name.

Father, let us experience abundance of your power in Rulers Assembly

Let us give Him thanks because of who He is.

 DAY TWO   December 28, 2013

Acts 16:25-26.    Freedom

Give thanks to the Almighty God and praise Him for what he has done.

Father set me loose from every imprisonment of life in the name of Jesus.

Father visit the foundation of the problem in my life with your power, set me free from the cage of life.

Prayer: Every chain of enemies bounding me down, I command them to fall off my hands now, be loosed in Jesus name.


Father, I engage the battle of my life with the blood of Jesus, let the blood fight for me today in the name of Jesus.

Jeremiah 1:12

Father, hasten your word in my life and perform it in the name of Jesus.

Every tree of non-achievement in my life let them be rooted out in the name of Jesus.

Every tree of failure in my life let them be rooted out in the name of Jesus

Father let Rulers Assembly becomes church of all the nations.

Isaiah 65:24

Father hears my prayer, hear my crying today. Let my heart desire be delivered to me today. You promised me before I call, you will answer. Lord answer my prayer today.

Isaiah 14: 3

Father give me rest from all my sorrow, fear, and the bondage in my life in the Name of Jesus.

Give thanks to God for the movement of His power in your life.


DAY THREE  December 29, 2013

Give thanks to the most high God and praise Him.

Matthew 16:18-19

Father, let us experience explosion of multitudes in Rulers Assembly

 Deuteronomy 28:1

The grace to obey your word release it upon me in the name of Jesus

Father, set us high in Rulers Assembly as we continue to serve you in year 2014

Father, turn me to a living testimony of this generation

 Lord, let year 2014 be my year of fullness of joy, fullness of blessing. Let everything begin to work in my favor.

Prayer: Father, don’t let me lack and suffer hunger in the New Year.

As I seek for you Lord, I shall not lack good health, I shall not lack good things, and blessing that comes without sorrow.

Every benefits attached to those who seek for you, let them materialize in my life in the New Year.

Psalm 23

Prayer: Father, you are the only one who can help me, I look up onto you Lord, rise up with your power and help me in the name of Jesus.

Lord I have no power of my own, fill me Lord with your power, let your strength become my strength, to prevail over challenges in my life.

Let us pray for Rulers Assembly for full manifestation of God’s power in our midst

Give thanks to God for His faithfulness in your life.

 DAY FOUR December 30th 2013

 John 15:1-7               Fruitfulness

Give thanks to God for His Faithfulness.

Father as I am heading into year 2014, come and take your place in my life.

Father in year 2014, let me experience your fruitfulness in my life and family.

Lord Jesus, speaks your word of life into my life. Let the glory of my life come forth now.

Father, whatever represents mark of enemy over my life and family, let them be erased in the name of Jesus.

Father, let me enter into season of jubilation over the needs of my life, family, children, the work of my hand.

Father, liberate me lord from captivity of life, set me on high with your power.

Father, come and do what no man can do in our midst in Rulers Assembly in the name of Jesus

1 Chronicles 4:10

Father, restore whatever I have lost in the past years in my life.

Let me receive double portion of what I have lost in my life in the New Year.

Lord turn the Captivity of my life around today. Whatever represents captivity in my life, turn them around in Jesus Name.

Father, whatever represents captivity that keeps me in perpetual frustrations; turn them around in Jesus Name.

Give thanks to God for what He has done.


 DAY FIVE   December 31, 2013

 Psalm 103: 7.  Ways of the Lord

Prayer: Father makes your ways known to me in the New Year, let me experience your acts in my life in Jesus Name.

Holy Ghost fire, fire the love of God into my system, fire me to the next level.

Let your love dominate my heart, let me be rooted in your word and give me the heart to serve you..

Ish. 30:29 

Father let me sing a new song in year 2014.

Let me experience full manifestation of your power in my life – finances, career, family, over the work of my hands, desire of my heart etc. 

Let your blessing flow out for me in the desert of my life.

Let your goodness and mercy be evidenced in my life in year 2014.  

Lord, let every of my heart desire according to your plans and purpose for my life begins to gush out of me in this New Year.

Father in year 2014, turn us to signs and wonders among others in Rulers Assembly

Psm. 84:7

Father, in the name of Jesus, let me go from strength to strength in this New Year 2014

Praise Him and give Him thanks.

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