A Heart with Idol

“Their sorrows shall be multiplied who hasten after another god; their drink offerings of blood I will not offer, nor take up their names on my lips.” Psalms 16:4


Bible Reading- Psalm 16



An idolatry heart is a sin that God’s want us to run from. It is something that rules us, and makes us its slave. Christ doesn’t personally destroy the sin of idolatry in our heart rather, He points to them. When God shows us an idol within us, we must demolish it completely. We cannot secretly harbor the slightest intention of ever using the idol again. May the Lord bless us and give us the heart of acceptance as we study at His feet today in Jesus mighty Name. Amen.

Study Outline:

1.       The idol of Lust

2.       The Idol of Rebellion and Pride

3.       Dangers with an Idol Heart

4.       Conclusion



Anyone who chooses to be the world's friend is thereby making himself God's enemy. Sin committed in the sanctuary and outside it will be punished.  II Thess. 2:3- 4; Rom. 6:23. There should be no relationship with the ungodly. Disobedience to God's word will bring sudden destruction. God will only make covenant of peace with anyone who would destroy the idol II Cor. 6:16-17 James. 1:15; Isaiah 52:11; Pro. 29:1, I Cor. 5:11-13; II Chr. 36:15-16; Mal. 2:4-5. Col 3:5-6. All this sort of behavior makes God angry. Eph 5:5,  Eze 6:8


Rebellion goes hand in hand with witchcraft. It makes you to disobey God and also doubt Him Deut. 9:7; Numbers 16:28-33; 11Sam. 18:9-14; Exodus 15:24; 1 Cor. 10:10. It involves disrespect for leaders and the death penalty is different from the common death, murmuring is the danger sign Numbers 12:1-10; Gal. 3:1; Numbers 14:9-12; Psalm 106:16-18. It will turn God to be your enemy.  1 Sam. 15:23; Gal. 5:7-8


1.       It limit the effectiveness of prayer.

2.       It disconnects people from the spirit of God.

3.       It serves as a blocking stone to fulfillment. Eze. 14:3-6, Joshua 24:14-27, Deut. 30:11-19

4.       It makes people to fall from grace. Jonah 2:8

5.       “Repent Or Perish--A Greater Judgment Is Coming” 1 Pet 4: James 4:7-10



Anytime anyone stand up and wages war against God work, that individual is waging war against God. A rebellion act is a spirit of witchcraft, let us depart from it.

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